Veterinary Assistant

Daniela Veterinary Assistant

Daniela has been working in veterinary medicine since 2002 and has been with the Headon Forest Animal Hospital team since 2020. Daniela went to St Lawrence College and graduated from the Veterinary Assistant program in 2004

Daniela is a Veterinary Assistant. Her job role involves assisting the Hospital Technician with technician appointments and hospitalized patients. She also assists the veterinarians with their appointments as one of our exam room technicians. Every day she helps each one of her team members so that we can all provide the best patient care possible.

Daniela loves being a veterinary assistant because she is extremely passionate about cats, and because she can ensure the patients receive the best care and love as possible. She finds her job extremely rewarding and never boring.

A fun fact about Daniela is that she loves cats so much that she accessorizes her house and car in leopard or jaguar print. She also has 4 cats of her own and they have the best of names: Nacho, Taco, Cheeto and Frito.

Outside of work, Daniela enjoys baking, cooking, being in the sun and spending time at the beach.