Dr. Kristina Dudley


Dr. Kristina Dudley
Dr. Kristina Dudley Veterinarian

Since graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2011, Dr. Dudley has been caring for pets, mainly in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. 

After working as an associate Veterinarian for 10 years, Dr. Dudley started working for herself as an Independent Contractor (or “Locum” Veterinarian) and for the past 2 years has been doing a mix of appointments, dentistry and surgery, focusing mostly on the latter. 

Dr. Dudley has taken a keen interest in Veterinary dentistry and comes to Headon Forest on a regular basis to perform dentistry for our patients, making sure your pets’ oral health (and breath!) is in tip top shape! 

She lives in Hamilton with her partner and their Great Dane, Poppy. When not working, Kristina’s interests include travelling, gardening, hiking and camping – basically anything that involves the outdoors!