Behavioural Consultation

Finding healthy ways to curb unwanted behaviours in cats and dogs.

Having a feline or canine companion can come with its own challenges. About 15% of pet parents admit that their cat or dog has behavioural problems. We will work with you to determine what is triggering disruptive behaviours, which is especially important if it’s related to their health. Our experts can use various techniques to establish good behaviours in your cat or dog. Should your pet require a specialized plan, we can provide resources for certified behaviourists. If you have noticed a change in your pet’s behaviour, schedule a behavioural consultation with us today by calling 905-332-4014.

How do I know if my cat or dog needs counselling?

A little mischief may be expected when you have a playful loyal companion, however, when it becomes a habit, you should seek professional help. If your feline/canine’s behaviour puts themselves, other pets or humans in danger, they should have behavioural counselling. As well as being harmful, these behaviours make it difficult for you to establish a routine or go about your normal life.

What behaviours can benefit from behavioural counselling?

The behaviours that you notice in your dog or cat may be caused by other health issues, anxiety, or trauma. Here are some behaviours that can be corrected with behavioural counselling:

  1. Excessive barking
  2. Peeing or soiling the house
  3. Hiding or whining
  4. Pacing
  5. Aggression toward other animals or people
  6. Excessive licking or scratching

What can I expect from a Behavioural Consultation?

During this visit, a behavioural counsellor will address your pet’s fearfulness and aggression with counter-conditioning and desensitization. They will teach you ways to communicate with your feline or canine companion that won’t trigger them to be disruptive. Using these two techniques as recommended can cause significant improvements in your loyal companion. If the veterinarian sees it necessary, your cat or dog may also be put on medication.

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