Bloodwork Services for Pets

An effective procedure performed in our lab to help diagnose health conditions.

Bloodwork is extremely useful in maintaining the well-being of our patients. During most of your cat or dog’s veterinary visits, a physical examination will be performed to identify irregularities on the outside. To determine the health status of your pet, we recommend annual or biannual bloodwork to detect abnormalities inside the body. When your loyal companion is scheduled for a blood test, they should fast for 8 hours before their blood is taken.

Where is my cat or dog’s blood tested?

Our convenient in-house laboratory is equipped to perform a variety of diagnostic testing procedures. If your pet is ill, we conduct testing in-house at our hospital, otherwise, samples are sent to the lab for further analysis.

How often is bloodwork recommended?

Felines and canines should have bloodwork done at least once every year. Blood tests can help maintain your cat or dog’s health and prevent them from developing harmful diseases. Outside of being sick, your veterinarian may recommend bloodwork for the following reasons:

  1. Your cat or dog is starting a new medication. Our team needs to understand how the medication will interact with their system.
  2. To learn their baseline information/normal health levels.
  3. Your loyal companion is having surgery. Pre-anesthetic testing is necessary to learn how they will handle the anesthesia and overall procedure.
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