Senior Cat Preventive Plans

Senior cats over the age of 8 years have an increased risk of disease. Early detection is key.

Senior cats over the age of 8 years have an increased risk of disease. Early detection is key to a long and healthy life. As cats age, it is important to examine them more frequently.


For a low monthly fee, our Senior Preventive Plan includes:

  • Annual physical exam including all necessary core vaccines
  • Annual early detection blood and urine testing – complete blood count and comprehensive chemistry profile
  • Annual Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing (if indicated)
  • Annual blood pressure monitoring to screen for hypertension
  • Annual deworming for the most common intestinal parasites
  • Annual radiographs (2 views) or additional blood panel (DVM discretion)
  • ProBNP blood test – monitor heart health


Plan members will receive an added BONUS:

  • 2 additional physical examination
  • 1 complimentary bi-annual physical examination
  • Complimentary pedicures with every exam to pamper your pet
  • 25% discount on laser treatments and/or additional radiographs
  • 10% discount on all heartworm, flea, and tick prevention products (6+ months of supplies)
  • 10% discount on microchip implant
  • 10% discount on additional laboratory tests


You may choose to include ROUTINE DENTAL CARE as part of your Preventive Plan. Dental care for cats is important for overall health just like it is for people. This service includes:

  • Comprehensive exam prior to general anesthetic
  • Full oral assessment and digital dental radiographs under general anesthetic
  • Intravenous fluids during anesthesia and in depth monitoring of vital signs
  • Scaling above and below the gum line
  • Polishing to smooth the tooth surface
  • Post-operative recheck appointment with dental care recommendations
* For dental care, a surcharge may apply for extractions and/or additional blood work as needed.
* Further hospitalization and diagnostic testing for unwell patients will incur additional fees and are not included in the Preventive Plans.
* A non-refundable, one-time enrollment fee is billed at the time of initial enrollment. This fee covers associated administrative fees.